Daily Program

Our Daily Program


A typical day at Adult Care starts with a morning staff meeting from 8- 8:10 to find out the news of the day and to do attendance. Then the AM attendant goes with the bus driver to pick up clients from their homes.


The bus returns to Adult Care between 9:45- 10 for coffee, toast and discussion or trivia time. Bingo begins at 10:15 and goes until 11 am. Bingo requires all staff and volunteer assistance depending on client’s cognitive ability.


Our exercise program beings at approx 11 am (after bathroom breaks) either our “Reach for the sun exercise tape” or chair exercises until 11:30.


Lunch follows from 11:30 – 12:30 with a full course meal, which includes salad, a main course and dessert. Each client’s birthday is celebrated with a birthday cake on a day they attend that is closest to their real birthday.


Our afternoon program begins at 12:30 and includes 15 minutes of trivia until 12:45 then various volunteer groups, or guest speakers such as square dancers, ballroom dancers, or school children entertain until 1:30. If no entertainment is scheduled music or games such as card bingo, pass the pig, bowling or horseshoes fill our afternoon.


From May to September, we try to take our clients on outings. Weather permitting this may include a picnic at Elk Falls, or a visit to our local museum or hatchery or a mystery trip to Moxies for coffee and banana bread. The most popular outing is of course ice cream at the Pier and the world’s smallest desert at MVP restaurant. We take the clients home from wherever we end up.


If we are at Adult Care, snacks and juice are served at 1:30 then all clients get ready to go home on the bus or families pick them up. Staff finishes our client days with afternoon report where we discuss the day and evaluate each client’s participation.


We also participate in many community activities such as the Pioneer Olympics, the inter facility picnic as well as visiting other facilities like Cumberland and Yucalta Lodge this is depending on client numbers and levels of care. At least once a year we invite these facilities to our facility for lunch and usually an afternoon of music.


Every year four major functions taking place at the center. This includes Pioneer Olympics at sportsplex in May, the Spring Fling in June at the Eagles Hall (up to 100 clients and guests as well as entertainment). Our annual Oktoberfest (approx 100 clients and guests) as well as our Christmas party (approx 100 clients and guests) which are held at our center. Santa Claus always makes an appearance to say hello and to give each client a small Christmas gift. We also organize two big fundraisers where clients, families, friends, staff, and volunteers participate to make it successful.


For the Oktoberfest 100 tickets are sold on a first come first serve basis whereas the Christmas party is for all clients (each client can invite a guest to ensure they arrive at the event.) If necessary bus service is available to any that need a ride.


There is a Registered Nurse in the building everyday and she is available to the clients for discussion on any problems they may have as well as monthly blood pressures and weight.

The RN on duty also deals with family members and other agencies to ensure that our clients are given the best possible care here as well as at home.


The staff at Campbell River and District Adult Care, do their best to ensure everyone has a great time everyday. 


Your donations help us provide the services and care our seniors deserve